Welcome To The Trinity Family 

Welcome to Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region.  If you have visited our site before, you will see that big changes are currently underway with the design and content of our pages.  If you are brand new to Trinty Alliance - WELCOME!

Why is Trinity Alliance as relevant today as it was in 1912, the year the agency was founded?

One reason is that we are tireless advocates for our community in every sense of the word, whether ensuring emergency aid in times of crisis or embracing creative solutions to urban life, such as the successfully-campaigned-for the #100 bus line serving Arbor Hill, West Hill and the South End; CDTA’s most successful newly introduced route.

Trinity’s history spans the Great Depression when our Soup Kitchen nourished South Enders caught in the throes of economic calamity, to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s when Trinity played a central role in the fight for racial justice, to today when we stand upon the doorstep of the opening of the Capital South Campus Center, an adult and higher education facility located on the edge of Lincoln Park.

Here adult learners will be able to complete their high school equivalency diploma, improve their English language proficiency, prepare for culinary arts and information technology degrees, among other study areas, in order that they may increase their workforce participation and earning power.

Thanks to the dedication of our Board of Directors, our funders, our staff, our volunteers and our elected officials, Trinity Alliance is positioned to open doors of opportunity for those in need every day, now and for the next 102 years.


Harris Oberlander

CEO, Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region