A message from Trinity's CEO, Harris Oberlander.

Welcome to Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region.  If you have visited our site before, you will see that big changes are currently underway with the design and content of our pages.  If you are brand new to Trinity Alliance - WELCOME!

Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region is on the move!  Inner city economic development and participation in the American workforce by those who reside here takes hard work. Trinity is leading this charge because we know that there is an untapped talent pool of vibrant, creative, resilient citizens ready to fill the ranks Capital Region companies searching for employees.  We know this because Trinity Alliance has helped to catalyze the formation and growth of locally grown businesses started in the inner-city by entrepreneurs who are people of color!

Our interlocking programs and services push the urban renewal agenda through strategic investments in nutrition security, the promotion of peace-building by preventing violence at its source, early childhood development and language formation, wholesome after school and summer camp opportunities, strengthening families, health and wellness programs for all ages, income security through financial literacy education and adult education and career training experiences.

We are excited about the future and know that as our urban centers go and grow, so goes the vitality and strength of the Capital Region.

Join us in fulfilling our mission – there is a place for you, your time, talent and treasure in this unique and pioneering agency we love, Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region. 


Harris Oberlander, CEO