Early Childhood 


Parent and Child Early Enrichment Program


To provide educational services to children birth through five years who have a developmental delay or who are considered at “high risk” for delays.  The goal is to provide support for involved families.

Population Served:  

Children birth – five years and their families


Children birth-five with a developmental delay or existing “high risk” indicators, residents of the city of Albany, those of outlying areas considered if openings are available.

Referral Process:

Complete one page referral request which includes identifying information regarding the referred family and the reason for referral.  A release of information consent form signed by parent should also be submitted with the referral request. 

Program Site:   

20 Trinity Place, Albany NY 


Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm 

Description of Program:   

Educational home visits are provided on a weekly basis to enhance the child’s growth and development. Supportive services are provided to the involved families, to stimulate child/parent bonding and to increase their awareness relating to their child’s growth and development.  Furthermore, supportive services are provided to assist the family in obtaining and maintaining the necessary coordinating services. 

Expected Outcomes:  

The expected outcome is for children birth-five years to reach expected growth and developmental milestones.  Developmental delays are prevented.  Parents’ knowledge regarding childhood growth and development increases, as well as their ability to interact with their children and provide favorable parenting outcomes. 


Program director and two early childhood educators/family support advocates.


Nancy Lonczak, program director – 694-5641.