Family Reimbursement Center



To provide financial assistance via reimbursement of goods and services to families who have a family member living at home who has a developmental disability

Population Served:   

Families caring at home for a family member who has a developmental disability


Families who care for a family member at home who has a developmental disability.  The request must directly benefit the family member with the developmental disability.  Primary target are those who reside within the city of Albany.  A small percentage of families living outside of the city of Albany will be considered

Referral Process:

A one page referral application must be submitted to Program Director.  The letter of eligibility, verifying the developmental disability, issued by the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities must accompany the request

Program Site: 

20 Trinity Place


Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm

Description of Program:    

Reimbursement of goods and services will be made to eligible families as approved by the Parent Advisory Committee, Program Director and Agency C.E.O.  Goods and services allowed, but not limited to, include clothing, furniture, appliances, recreational activities and adaptive equipment


Program Director and Parent Advisory Committee


Nancy Lonczak, Program Director 694-5641 ext.21

Special Notes:  

Meetings are held on the average of six times per year to review requests.  All receipts for goods and services must be submitted back to the agency for proof of purchase