Trinity's Food Pantries

Apart from having a roof over your head, what could be more important than access to basic, healthy food?  Yet for families with limited income, that very thing can be the source of stress.  Enter the Trinity Alliance Emergency Food Pantries! 

While the pantries are meant for those in dire situations - a lost job, victims of fire, a family that lose their food stamps - no local family is turned away.

Those in need can choose from an assortment of food goods including milk, cheese, eggs, butter, canned goods, breads and fresh produce.  Those we serve also receive recipes to make healthy meals with these ingredients. 

To qualify, please visit us with a photo ID and a piece of mail or lease arrangement to prove an area address.  Visitors are allowed 1 visit every 30 days, and will receive three days worth of food for each member of their family.  Other household items such as kitchen supplies, hygiene products, diapers and formula are also available.