Homer Perkins Center


Description of Program:

The Homer Perkins Center is a 20 bed male facility which provides intensive long term drug free residential treatment. The length of stay is 12-months. 

Goals and Objectives:

The goals and objectives of the chemical dependence residential program include:

1)      The promotion and maintenance of abstinence from all mood-altering substances except those prescribed by a physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner for co-existing physical injury or physical or mental illness.

2)      The development of individualized treatment plans to support the maintenance of recovery from chemical dependence or chemical abuse.

3)      Resolution of related vocational/educational, familial, psychological, physical and/or social problems.

4)      Assurance of continuity of care among all services needed by a patient.

5)      The improvement of functioning and development of coping skills necessary to allow the patient to be treated in the least intensive environment. 

Expected Outcomes:

The program outcomes as monitored and measured by OASAS include the following areas: utilization, retention, units of service, client care ratio, employment status, abstinence, completion of treatment and referrals.

Service Components:

The Homer Perkins Center provides clients with alcohol/drug education, wellness/life Skills Classes, Parenting Classes, Dance Classes, Individual and Group Counseling, HIV/AIDS education classes, work readiness and NA/AA support groups.  In addition, we collaborate with other programs within the agency in order to provide a holistic approach to treatment. This allows us to introduce unique program options that promote wellness.


The agency philosophy is that chemical dependence is a bio-psycho-social disease that can never be cured but can be forced into remission if the chemically dependent person is helped to achieve total abstinence from the substance of abuse.  Treatment for the chemically dependent person must be individualized according to a person’s needs and life circumstances.  An effective chemical dependence intervention program requires that a continuum of treatment services be available for the chemically dependent person and that counseling services be available to the family and significant others of the chemically dependent person.

Target Population:

Our goal is to provide residential treatment primarily to the residents of the Capital District and NYS residents.  The target population includes substance abusing and dependent individuals and their significant others.  The needs of the target population include: alcohol and drug abuse education, attainment and maintenance of abstinence from substances of abuse, and resolution of vocational, familial, psychological, physical and/or social problems, which interfere with the ability to maintain alcohol and drug abstinence.


Chemically dependent adult males age 18 and up who are in need of chemical dependency treatment, free of communicable diseases that can be transmitted through ordinary contact and not in need of acute hospital or psychiatric care or other intensive services which would prevent a person’s participation in chemical dependence services.  

Referral Process: 

Referral source contacts Homer Perkins Center.   Referral form is completed.  Requested documentation is sent to us consisting of: psycho-social, psychiatric evaluation, medical evaluation, list of medications, and treatment recommendations.  Once that information is received, an assessment appointment is set for the client to see if he is appropriate for residential treatment.  Assessment does not guarantee admission. 

Program Time:

24 hours, 7 days a week, office Monday-Friday 8:00am -9:00pm. 


Program director, 3 Counselors, 1 administrative assistant, 1 food service manager, 2 support staff, 1 GED instructor, and 6 part-time staff. The program is required to be staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Contact:  Judith Henderson 436-1104, fax 436-1156