SHARP services are located our of our Arbor Hill Center at 47 North Lark Street in Albany.  Call 518-463-1516 for more information.

SHARP is designed to offer case management, advocacy and assistance to those most in need in the community. The intent is to provide short term and ling term assistance in the form of individual case management, refer to external agencies, and Trinity programs, advocacy in the attainment of services, housing, health case  or similar immediate needs, employment and retention services; participants are offered assistance with day-to-day problems through case management, and removal of barriers to employment, job readiness training, resume preparation, job search assistance, and retention services through the employment component.

Participants are expected to move from immediate crisis needs to stabilization and positive life situation, which may include housing, employment, finical assistance (eg DSS), enrollment in school, substance abuse assistance, and ongoing maintenance of progress. Focus for adults is assistance obtain either part time or full time employment, increase living/coping skills, increase levels of self-sufficiency, maintain employment through retention support.