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Our Administrative Staff and

Program Directors

If you would like to contact any of our staff members via email, please use the following formula: first initial (.) last name @

Harris Oberlander, Chief Executive Officer, Ph: 518-449-5155 x 116

Patti Tansey, Assistant to the CEO & Director of Quality Assurance, Ph: 518-449-5155 x 100 

Sabrina Brewington, Director of the Family and Neighborhood Resource Centers, Ph: 518-449-5155 

Jerome Brown, Director of Albany Cure Violence, Ph: 518-694-9191

Kat Brown, Director of Development & Marketing, Ph: 518-449-5155 x 134

Robert Burke, Director of the Capital South Campus Center programs, Ph: 518-694-4510 x 330

Greg Foskey, Director of the Afterschool C.A.R.E. Program & Summer Camp at Trinity Center, Ph: 518-449-5155 x 109

Michael Kelly, Director of Prevention Services, Ph: 518-449-5155 x 114

Tom Libertucci, Controller; Ph: 518-449-5155 x 110

Michelle Lewis, Director of Afterschool C.A.R.E. Program & Summer Camp at the Arbor Hill Center, Ph: 518-463-1516 x 19

Nancy Lonczak, Director of Early Childhood Services, Ph: 518-694-4510 x 357

Emanuel Mayben, Director of Leaders Leading Troy's Youth, Ph: 518-203-7029 (option 1)

Velma McAdoo, Director of Human Resources, Ph: 518-449-5155 x 119

Andre Morris, Director Re-Entry Services at the Arbor Hill Center, Ph: 518-463-1516 x 11

Freddie Pica, IT Director, Ph: 518-694-6542 x 108

Grace Smythe-Young, Homer Perkins Center Director, Ph: 518-436-1104 x 11

Clara Sorrell, Director of Trinity Food Pantries, Ph: 518-449-5155 x 132

Luke Tran, Director of Buildings & Grounds, Ph: 518-449-5155 x 123